Mother’s Day Out (MDO) Teachers

We wanted to share with you perspectives from several of our teachers in Woodlawn Chapel’s Mother’s Day Out program. As you can see we have a diverse background among them, thus giving your child a wealth of experience for their days here with us. We are very proud of the quality environment that we provide to each of the children that we have the pleasure of teaching, singing, playing, reading, writing and having fun with each day.

Becky Carpenter joined Woodlawn MDO in 2004. She is a graduate of University of Missouri. She has been a libraryaid at Kehrs Mill Elementary, a Teacher at Hideaway Preschool-Wildwood and raised two sons of her own. What she likes most about working with children is when “that child has an “a-ha” moment with the things we go over with them regularly, like letter sounds, and they suddenly get it!”  She feels that the warm, family atmosphere here is very special. “I feel like my co-workers are my sisters…I feel like my students are extended family!”

Jenn Emerson started with Woodlawn MDO in the Fall of 2016. She has completed two+ years of college and then stepped aside to raise her own children. She enjoys watching the children learn and grow in the environment here, gaining confidence and independence. The thing she likes most is the loving family environment between staff, families and the children

Joining our team in January 2018, Nicki Frost, loves how excited the kids get when they learn something new. Their face lights up and they are so proud of themselves. She knows that each of the teachers here treat the kids as if they were their own. “We are all family”. One of the funniest things a student said to her when she asked, “How do you like your new baby sister?” The child said, “Good, but Daddy is putting her back tomorrow!” This is just one of the many special moments that Woodlawn MDO teachers have with each of the children we serve.

Erin Hayes started with Woodlawn MDO in 2018, bringing with her a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Erin likes the warm family atmospher that is here every day at MDO and the collaboration among the faculty and staff. When asked what she enjoys most about working with the children she said, “Watching them change and learn new skills as the year goes on.”

Cheryl Lohmann has been a Woodlawn MDO Teacher since the Fall of 2015. She has brought her experiences gained in earning her college degree and raising her children to help make each day’s experience for MDO kids a great one. She also feels that the relationships between the teachers makes Woodlawn MDO feel like a family. Cheryl really enjoys watching the kids learn and play. “And it’s great to see their progress as they move from class to class as they get older!”

Joining the faculty at Woodlawn MDO in 2003, Dee Dee Murphy has been working with our children for quite a while. While she has a BS in Communication/Journalism, she says, “I learn so much from our kids! I lover their honesty, curiosity and unique personalities. Our 3 year old’s constantly make me laugh. It’s also fun getting to user their creativity.” With her long tenure with Woodlawn MDO, Dee Dee says that what she likes most about Woodlawn MDO is, “We have a fun, caring group of teachers who are all good people. There is a lot of support from the church community…”.

Lisa Ruckman has almost as much energy as all the kids at Woodlawn MDO! She has been a teacher here since 2008. When asked why she likes what she does, she said “What can I say…WOW!! The people I get to work with are amazing…always help[ing] each other out when we need it. I love working with kids so much…seeing their smiling faces and especially their excitement to come to school!” In all her time here, one of the cutest things a student told her was, “I’m going to marry her, but I first have to ask my Mommy if it’s OK!”

Joining our team in 2016, Melissa Ruckman has a BS in pre-K-8th grade, teaching grades 2-4 at Gray Summit Christian School for 5 years. She feels that Woodlawn MDO provides such a welcoming, loving environment for the teachers and the kids. What she likes most is “hearing the children laugh and get excited about learning something new!” She asked one of her students “Why are you so cute?” and her response was, “I know – just because!”

Julie Sax has been a Woodlawn MDO teacher since 2015. Prior to that she had 8 years of early education experience with 160+ hours of education in the field. She loves working with her kids. She says that one day, one of her students was being a “little man, walking up to each of the teachers and saying, “Hey, Babe!”  This is just one example of all the conversations she has with the kids…”seeing their face light up when they learn something new and how much they grow into little humans ready for a new adventure!”