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Cancer Sucks

Hang around a church coffee hour, or even a gathering of friends, and pretty soon you’ll hear a term ripe with theological meaning. Cancer sucks. Your father, mother, friend, colleague. The kid up the street. The young mom from work. The senator, the singer, the...

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Paying respect to the queen

The queen of soul has died, and it is time to pay our respects. The queen of soul has died, and now is the time to pay our respects. Aretha Franklin, who died August 16, was truly a lamp that could not be placed under a bushel. Her indomitable gifts of range and...

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The Land of Misfit Toys

I tend to cringe when someone tells me they’ve found the “perfect” church. I don’t disagree that they have probably joined a church that helps them feel nurtured and loved. Nor do I believe that their church is not a wonderful community. They’re blessed to have...

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