Our Mother’s Day Out program offers quality care for children ages one to four up to four days a week. The program is open to all persons and you need not be a Woodlawn Chapel church member.


What kind of flexibility do I have in scheduling my child?

Parents may choose either a one-day, two-day (M/W, T/Th), three-day or four-day a week program.   

Does my child need to be potty trained?

This is not a requirement for enrollment in our MDO.

How is MDO different from an accredited pre-school?

While we are held to state standards of health and sanitation, we do not have a set curriculum program.  While we do a back-ground check on our staff, our teachers are not required to have a teaching certificate.   We strive to keep our enrollment lower than the standards set by the state for accredited pre-schools.

What is the extended play option?

Parents may also choose to have their child stay for an extended play option on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 1-2 at times when this fits into their schedule.  The cost for this option is $10 per day or $12 per day for drop-in and is only charged when parents use this option.

Who provides snacks and lunch for the children?

Mother’s Day Out provides the snacks and parents provide a sack lunch.

When my child is not in attendance, is there a reduction in my fee rate?

We build our budget and staffing projections on full enrollment.  For this reason, there is no reduction in fees when a child is absent.

What is Chapel Time?

Once a week, children go to the chapel and spend time with Pastor Chris Keating.  There are songs, a prayer, and a short story.  The time is age-appropriate and non-denominational. 

Can I come visit the program?

Yes, we are always open for parents to visit.

Is the program only open to moms?

No, we also have dads and grandparents that use our program.


Parents drive to the front driveway where children are greeted in their car and taken into the building by an MDO teacher. Another teacher is standing at each classroom doorway to great your child. The front doors are locked 15 minutes after the beginning of the day.  Parents bringing children after that time ring a doorbell/intercom to gain access.  Children are only released to parents or people authorized by the parent to do so.