As a LEARNING congregation, Woodlawn Chapel aspires to grow by remaining open and curious about God’s world, cherishing tradition while embracing new possibilities.

Growing in faith is more than just attending Sunday School.


One of the greatest gifts that Woodlawn Chapel offers its families is the joy of participating in an intergenerational community of faith. Adults know the names of even our youngest children, caring for them and surrounding their families in prayer. Children benefit from learning from older mentors in the faith, working side by side with them in mission projects and joining together in worship.
Youth Pastor Carol Stepp has designed our intergenerational Faith Buddies ministry to develop meaningful relationships between adults and every child and youth at Woodlawn Chapel. Through this unique ministry, our youth and adults form a meaningful bond—connecting through text messages, lunches, and participating in activities at church together. All Faith Buddies are screened and adhere to Woodlawn Chapel’s Safe Children’s Policy, which you can find here.