As a LIVING community, Woodlawn Chapel members seek to be Christ’s faithful disciples,
using our gifts to worship God and serve our neighbors.

Ever since he can remember, James has been part of the life of Woodlawn Chapel.

His family began attending the church when he was just a toddler. The church’s warm welcome and commitment to including all of God’s children meant his family found a home as well as a church. Church is much more than a place where James goes—its been a place where his faith has been nurtured through Vacation Bible School, Sunday school, confirmation class, youth group, and family activities. But James also gives back to the church, working part-time as a sexton and using his gifts to help Woodlawn shine.

James lives his faith as a superfan of his high school sports teams, participating in all school activities, and by sharing the gifts of friendship. If you meet James, he’ll tell you he loves his church!