Here’s a story I am calling “The little church that could.”

            A week or so ago,  one of our wonderful members, noticed a flyer advertising an event sponsored by the St. Louis Diaper Bank, whose mission is to strengthen low-income families in the St. Louis region by ensuring adequate access to diapers and feminine hygiene products. These can be costly items that are not covered by government assistance. The flyer caught our member’s attention. She wondered if the good folks at the Diaper Bank had ever considering helping families in West County. While urban areas have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19, the economic impacts have been felt in the suburbs, too.

          Our member contacted the Diaper Bank and discovered that indeed their agency had not previously partnered with groups in West County. They were intrigued by the idea! Our member shared how Woodlawn Chapel has helped local food pantries as well as groups such as Newborns in Need.

            The Diaper Bank liked the idea, and has offered to help Woodlawn Chapel mission’s efforts by offering the church a one-time distribution of 8,500 diapers and more than 4,000 feminine products. Yes, you read that right!

            Word came back to the Mission Team. They began wondering, “Could this work? Is this too big?  Could our church really distribute thousands of supplies to women in need? They kept thinking and praying…and pretty soon you could hear them saying “I think we can, I think we can…I think we can!”

            Perhaps we could become like the little steam engine in the old children’s story. Maybe we could be “The Little Church That Could!”

           On Friday, a convoy of church members heads down to the Diaper Bank’s warehouse to pick up the diapers – all 8,500 of ‘em, shrink wrapped in packs  of 25. Back at church, the diapers and supplies will be stored as we continue making arrangements for their distribution. Already we have talked with a number of groups who are interested.

            That’s when the begins! We’ve arranged with Newborns in Need, The Covering House and other groups to take some. It’s even possible that we’ll arrange a give away day.

            The last year, and even the last few days, have been filled with lots of difficulties. We’ve endured a lot. It’s been hard to not meet together…but God has been with us! Even as we wonder when we will be back together, we are heading into the final days of Lent shouting, praise and saying, “We know we can! We know we can!”  We are indeed the church that can–thanks be to God!  — Chris